The International Panel

The International Panel is a group of six to nine international experts selected from around the world to provide an impartial assessment on the technical merit of the shortlisted papers.

Each of the International Panel members serves for a maximum of three consecutive years, but can be selected to serve another, non-consecutive period. The Chair is appointed by CBMM and is not governed by the three year rule.

In the 40 years of the Award, up to 2018, 82 eminent metallurgists have served on the panel and several of our panel members are themselves past award winners.

Download Panel Members 1979 to 2018

Current Panel Members

The International Panel adjudicating the Award in 2018 consists of the following experts:

Dr. Mike Hicks

Chair of the International Panel // UK

Dr. David Porter

University of Oulu // Finland

Prof. Hani Henein

University of Alberta // Canada

Prof. Indradev Samajdar

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay // India

Prof. Isabel Gutiérrez

University of Navarra // Spain

Dr. Kisoo Kim

POSCO Technical Research Laboratories // South Korea

Prof. Oscar Balancin

Universidade Federal de São Carlos // Brazil

The 2018 Panellists' Biographies

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