Charles Hatchett Award Winners

The Charles Hatchett Award has been bestowed each year since 1979. Many famous metallurgists from important research groups have been Charles Hatchett Award winners.

Current Winners

The 2019 Charles Hatchett Award winners are Kent J. Griffith (UK), Kamila M. Wiaderek (USA), Giannantonio Cibin (UK), Lauren E. Marbella (UK) and Clare P. Grey (UK), for their paper:

‘Niobium Tungsten Oxides for High-rate Lithium-ion Energy Storage’, Nature, 559 (2018), 556-563

Previous Winners

There have been 41 Awards made, up to and including 2019, for papers from 12 different countries. The dominant topic for winning papers has been that of High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) or Microalloy Steels.

Most Awards have involved multiple authorship, except when Professor K.K. Schulze was the single author of the 1983 Award. Only one person, Wolfgang Bleck, has won the Award twice, in 1990 and in 2001.


Lifetime Achievement

The Charles Hatchett Special Award for Lifetime Achievement is an occasional Award, unlike the Charles Hatchett Award which is presented annually. The Award is based on an overall contribution to niobium metallurgy, including publications, materials, product and process developments, and outstanding involvement over a period of time.

About the Lifetime Award

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