Charles Hatchett Award Winners 2014

The 2014 Charles Hatchett Award was won by Isabel Gutiérrez, Beatriz Pereda and Amaia Iza-Mendia, Centre for Technical Research and Studies (CEIT) and The School of Engineering (Tecnun), University of Navarra (Spain); and Miren Alazne Altuna, Grupo WEC (Spain).

Award Winners' Presentation

Winners' Paper

Published in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 43A (2012) 4553-4570 and 4571-4586.

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Winners' Presentation

Precipitation of Nb in Ferrite after Austenite Conditioning.


More from the 2014 Charles Hatchett Seminar

Description Action
Austenite Grain Size Control in Upstream Processing of Nb Microalloyed Steels by Nano-scale Precipitate EngineeringM. Subramanianseminar | presentation Download
Effect of Mn and Si Addition on the Dynamic Transformation of Austenite During Strip RollingJ.J. Jonasseminar | presentation Download
HTP Process for Linepipe and Structural SteelsJ.M. Gray seminar | presentation Download
Modelling and Simulation of Microalloyed Austenite During Multipass DeformationE.J. Palmiereseminar | presentation Download
Modelling Plate Mill Rolling An Expert Practical System ApproachM. Rebellato and R. Barbosa seminar | presentation Download
Modelling to Optimise the Processing of Niobium SteelsN. Croftseminar | presentation Download
Modelling to Optimise the Processing of Niobium SteelsHighlightsseminar | video Watch
Modelling to Optimise the Processing of Niobium Steelsseminar | agenda Download
Precipitation of Nb in Ferrite After Austenite ConditioningI. Gutierrezseminar | presentation Download

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