2019 Charles Hatchett Award Medal Presentation

2019 Charles Hatchett Award Medal Presentation

The winning authors of the 2019 Charles Hatchett Award were presented with their medals at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) Premier Awards Dinner, held at the Science Museum in London on the 11th July 2019. The awards ceremony this year was held as part of an IOM3 ‘Gala Dinner’ celebrating 150 years of the Iron and Steel Institute. This was also a landmark event for the Charles Hatchett Award itself; now in its 41st year, 41 is also the atomic number of niobium in the periodic table.

2019 Charles Hatchett Award winners. Pictured from left Kent Griffith, Lauren Marbella, Clare Grey and Giannantonio Cibin.

The winning authors represented a multi-disciplinary team from four institutes from the UK and USA, and also include Kamila Wiaderek. This approach was key to the success in establishing the award-winning research which established a future role for niobium in high power battery applications.

The winning paper was published in Nature and presents some initial data on two complex niobium-tungsten oxides which are claimed to show greater energy and power densities than those in battery materials currently available. This is the second year in succession that energy storage has been a theme for the Charles Hatchett winning paper, showing a trend in new applications for niobium in emerging technologies. 

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Posted on 18/07/2019

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