2019 Charles Hatchett Award Winners Announced

2019 Charles Hatchett Award Winners Announced

For the best paper on the science and technology of niobium-based materials, the 2019 Charles Hatchett winners are Kent J. Griffith (UK), Kamila M. Wiaderek (USA), Giannantonio Cibin (UK), Lauren E. Marbella (UK) and Clare P. Grey (UK), for their paper:

‘Niobium Tungsten Oxides for High-rate Lithium-ion Energy Storage’

Nature, 559 (2018), 556-563

There is a need to develop new electrode materials for batteries which will improve both charge/discharge rates and increase storage capacities. This is important for growing markets such as electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage. This award-winning research presents some initial data on two complex niobium-tungsten oxides which are claimed to show greater energy and power densities than those in battery materials currently available. 

The selection process of the Charles Hatchett Award is concerned with technical excellence and originality, but also takes account of the social, economic and environmental advantages of any proposed application of niobium. The International Panel for the Charles Hatchett Award commented, “This paper deals with a very important research topic with potential commercial applications involving the use of niobium: how to significantly increase the capacity and reduce the charging time of Li-ion batteries. The research used a very wide range of experimental methods, producing extensive experimental data. The potential applications of the technology could have clear sustainability-related impacts by promoting the use of non-carbon energy storage and usage.”

The annual Award, now in its 41st year, is sponsored by CBMM and administered by Beta Technology. The award winners will be presented with their medals at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) 2019 Premier Awards Dinner, to be held in London on 11th July.

Posted on 13/03/2019

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