Application Criteria

The Charles Hatchett Award is made annually to the author(s) of the best published paper in the general area of the science, production and application of niobium-based materials, over a previous two-year period, ending on 31st August of the year prior to the Award.

More specifically, all aspects of the production and application of niobium and niobium-based materials are eligible, including:

  • Extraction and refining; materials containing niobium;
  • Processing and fabrication of finished and semi-finished products containing niobium;
  • Fundamental metallurgy and physical metallurgy of niobium and its alloys;
  • Application of niobium alloys, oxides and other compounds; in important sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, construction, biomedical, electronics etc.;
  • Use of niobium in coatings to locally enhance properties such as corrosion or wear resistance.

To be considered for the Award, papers should be in English (either published in English or translated by the authors), have a sound scientific basis, show good research methodology and experimentation, provide important scientific and technological results, and should describe commercial applications or potential applications of niobium-containing materials.

Award-winning papers are likely to have made a significant contribution to scientific knowledge, and the results of the research should have the potential to make a major technical, technological, commercial, environmental or other sustainability-related impact on important industrial sectors.

Innovative products, processes or applications may preclude publication and, in exceptional circumstances, university theses, patents and internal reports could be eligible for consideration.

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