History of the Charles Hatchett Award

The Charles Hatchett Award was originally conceived at a meeting in 1977 between Friedrich Heisterkamp, the then Head of the European Office of CBMM, Dr. Malcolm Gray, technical adviser to CBMM’s niobium technical development programme and Dr. Bob Keown OBE, who was an independent metallurgical consultant to CBMM.

First Award Presented in 1979

A proposal was put to the Metals Society to request they administered the Award on behalf of CBMM. This proposal was approved and the first Award was presented in May 1979.

The first recipients of the Award were Gil Speich and Don Dabkowski of US Steel’s Research Laboratory in Monroeville, USA, for their paper:

Effect of Deformation in the Austenite and Austenite-Ferrite Regions on the Strength and Fracture Behaviour of C, C-Mn, C-Mn-Cb and C-Mn-Mo-Cb Steels’, Proceedings of The Hot Deformation of Austenite Conference, American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers, (1979), 557-579.

More Recent Developments

In 2008 two new aspects were introduced. A Lifetime Achievement Award was initiated to recognise long-term commitment to niobium technology. A second initiative, related to the Charles Hatchett Award has been the establishment of Charles Hatchett Award Seminars, held adjacent to the annual Award ceremonies in London in July each year.

Forty Years of the Charles Hatchett Award – The Technical Impact of Niobium Research

2018 celebrated a significant milestone in the history of the Charles Hatchett Award. An impact report has been published to demonstrate the technical impacts and benefits the Award has delivered over the past 40 years.



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