Selection Process

The papers are published in major international journals, conference proceedings and publications from sectors dealing with the applications of materials containing niobium.

Identification and Selection

The Award Secretariat typically identify between 700 and 1000 papers related to the science and technology of niobium, from which they select approximately 50 to 100 of the most relevant. Direct submissions of papers are also accepted for consideration.

The Shortlist

This long list of papers is then narrowed down by the Secretariat to a shortlist of a minimum of five, usually six to eight, for circulation to the International Panel. Related papers on the same topic by the same author(s) may be selected by the Secretariat to be considered as a single entry.

The literature search is based on four topic areas related to publications in these areas:

  • High Strength Low Alloy or Microalloyed Steels;
  • Other Ferrous Alloys e.g. Stainless Steels, Tool Steels;
  • Non-Ferrous Alloys e.g. Nickel based-alloys, Intermetallics;
  • Niobium metal or Niobium based-alloys.

The Winning Paper

The shortlist of papers is circulated to the International Panel who select and prioritise the best three. From these nominations the Panel Chair will assess if any has a clear majority and thus determine the winning paper.

This result is then ratified by the Council of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

It is to be noted that members of the International Panel and agents, employees or consultants of the sponsor, CBMM, are not eligible to win the Charles Hatchett Award.

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